Big Data Analytics

We capitalize twenty years of know how in big data management, with a focus on machine learning, data mining, and data exploration


Data size increases, data evolve, and this happens at an unprecedented speed. These are three of the "Vs" of big data: variety, volume, velocity. This in turn requires to face new challenges in data management, that are hardly tamed by traditional database technology.

We have proven experience in big-data management architecture, both based on open-source platform and on-premise deployment, and on cloud architectures, primarily on the Google Cloud Platform.

Machine learning

Artificial intelligence, and primarily machine learning are considered one of the enabling technologies for our data-driven society.

We have developed strong machine-learning solutions in various fields, ranging from healthcare to energy to machine-assisted data cleaning.

A key enabling component of our machine learning projects is DAIMO, our platform conceived to support the process of labeling examples for the purpose of developing machine learning models.

Business intelligence

Business intellingence has been around for a long time, but it is still very relevant. We develop business-intelligence solutions both of the traditional type -- i.e., data warehouses and OLAP solutions -- and of the new breed.

Modern business intelligence is more and more related to data exploration, i.e., to the possibility of exploring new visualizations of data that help users to identify patterns and trends.